Different Types of Carpenters

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You probably didn’t know that there were several different types of carpenters in the world, did you? Well, carpentry is a lot more than just hammers, nails, and wood. It’s also about all the parts that go into the buildings that everyone sits in. There are several different types of carpenters and all of them are instrumental in building buildings, roads, and bridges.

The most common type of carpenter, and the one whose carpentry services in portland, or you are probably going to hire is the finish carpenter. He’s the one who works with fine woodworking – anything from instrument carpentry, to cabinetry, to making furniture, to doing any form of fine woodworking. They are the people who make the fine details for you.

A carpenter and jointer is another common type of carpenter, who works with finishing carpentry, but who also helps with building construction. They are involved through the whole process, and have a very broad skill set.

A trim carpenter is someone who works with the molding and trim of a building. They install door and window casings, make baseboards, and install fireplace mantels. They come in after the rest of the carpenters are done and put on all the finishing touches.

Finally, a framer is a carpenter in charge of constructing a building’s frame and the structure of the building. They are there at the beginning of a job and help to work on making sure the building goes up correctly. 

There are several different types of carpentry services in the world, and while you might not hire most of them it is good to know that they are out there. If nothing else, the next time you hire a carpenter, you can make sure that you have hired the right one for your job!